New VPS Provider

Side Note:

So if you’re a regular here, checking things out to see if I update this once every 6 months…you’re in luck! Today is the day I make a post since my last one in November 2017.

If you check the site here you may have noticed a few “hiccups” we’ve had over the past week or so. This is because I’ve moved away from AWS in favor of This was no light or quick decision, I did my research before switching and I have to say I’m very happy with the service thus far.

While looking for a new VPS provider you want to treat it like look for a home. You’re going to be there for awhile, needs to have enough room, payments can’t be too high, needs to have the things you want and need. There were a bunch of contenders I had on the table while looking, all of them were fairly big names except for SSDNodes. I’ve never heard of them before so research was definitely needed. While looking for a new host I was interested in OVH, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode and AWS LightSail.

While all of those big names offer fairly small servers for a reasonable price ~$5/month, I knew that I would want room to grow and didn’t want to end up spending more that $300/year on servers for the many playgrounds and sites that I host. Sure I could get a small DO droplet with 512MB of RAM, 1 core and like 20GB disk for $5 but is that really enough? I wanted more in a cloud server and that’s where SSDNodes came in.

SSDNodes at the time of purchase was having a “sale”. I put sale in quotes because I don’t know if it was a real sale or if that’s just a sales tactic they use, either way it worked. I picked up their KVM / X-LARGE+ plan for $159.99/year! With that plan I get 24GB RAM, 120GB SSD Storage, 4 Cores, 1 Public IPv4 Address, and 12TB Bandwidth from what I’ve seen on a 1Gbps/1Gbps connection.

This was perfect, I thought I hit the motherload and I would be swimming in cloud resources (for a personal use). I then started to go out and read reviews, people said their customer service was bad, it was horrible to try to get a hold of them to fix an issue, they always had issues with KVM on the backend, etc, etc. After getting through those I found it was never actually true, they addressed any issues you had. The owner of SSDNodes is very active on web hosting forums such as and is willing to address any concern that you have, I also saw the owner active on reddit which was nice as well in the /r/selfhosting and /r/webhosting sub.

Because I did see the owner or the support team; whoever it was…reaching out to the community I knew this would be a good choice. So here we are, we’re now hosted with and CloudFlare! Woop woop!

If you’re interested in SSDNodes, check them out here!