New VPS Provider

Side Note:

So if you’re a regular here, checking things out to see if I update this once every 6 months…you’re in luck! Today is the day I make a post since my last one in November 2017.

If you check the site here you may have noticed a few “hiccups” we’ve had over the past week or so. This is because I’ve moved away from AWS in favor of This was no light or quick decision, I did my research before switching and I have to say I’m very happy with the service thus far.

While looking for a new VPS provider you want to treat it like look for a home. You’re going to be there for awhile, needs to have enough room, payments can’t be too high, needs to have the things you want and need. There were a bunch of contenders I had on the table while looking, all of them were fairly big names except for SSDNodes. I’ve never heard of them before so research was definitely needed. While looking for a new host I was interested in OVH, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode and AWS LightSail.

While all of those big names offer fairly small servers for a reasonable price ~$5/month, I knew that I would want room to grow and didn’t want to end up spending more that $300/year on servers for the many playgrounds and sites that I host. Sure I could get a small DO droplet with 512MB of RAM, 1 core and like 20GB disk for $5 but is that really enough? I wanted more in a cloud server and that’s where SSDNodes came in.

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