Net Neutrality: The Reddit Filter

Don’t get me wrong net neutrality is needed, I think we deserve a free and open internet and we aren’t going to let Ajit Pai/The FCC take that away from us.

If you’re like me you’ve already contacted your congressperson and have written comments on the FCCs page but that’s really all we can do. I love seeing all the promotion for net neutrality and but at least in the past 24 hours it’s gone a bit overboard on reddit.

I went about 20 pages deep on /r/all and still just about every other post was about net neutrality.

For me that’s a bit overboard, I like net neutrality as much as the next person but I also enjoy browsing reddit in my free time and this makes it almost impossible to enjoy. So I decided to look into what I can do to filter out most if not all of those posts.

If you didn’t know there’s a handy little Chrome and Firefox plugin out there called RES which stands for Reddit Enhancement Suite. RES allows you to create filters on reddit, anywhere from your own custom filters to pre-built ones they have. I have the options for my filter below. Doing this helped make reddit a bit more enjoyable for the day until these posts pass over, just remember to disable the filter once you believe its finished.


  1. Go to RES Settings > Subreddits > filteReddit
  2. Turn on “Use Reddit Filters”

  1. Set custom filters

  1. Click “Save Options” in the top right and check out

Syncing Between Two Servers


We all need redundancy, we all want redundancy but we all don’t have it…except this guy!

So recently I spun up a NextCloud server and just started dumping a bunch of stuff into it. I’ve found quite a bit of cool stuff located in /r/opendirectories and I needed a place to dump it, hence NextCloud!

After just dumping a bunch of random stuff into it I decided to actually use it to store data and wanted some sort of redundancy. Thankfully I have a second location which has two VMWare hosts there so what comes to mind? Spin up a new VM to back the data up to! I went with rclone to sync the data over to the new server.

I have two servers, my NextCloud server which holds all the data and then another server that contains a copy of all the data there. So I installed rclone on my NextCloud server and created an SFTP repository to the other server which is located offsite. Running the initial sync took HOURS, literally, it took about 7 hours to do the first initial sync. Afterwards it’s not so bad.

My rclone is setup as a cronjob to run daily so my data stays in sync, hopefully nothing happens to this NextCloud server like it did my last one! I have my cronjob listed below, I have it export to a file so I can check the log to know exactly what transferred if anything, it only syncs the changes so it isn’t re-syncing all the files (Yes, I did that.)

0 0 * * * rclone sync /media/data/nextcloud USIL:/media/data --ignore-existing -v > /media/data/dailytransfer.log 2>&1