Net Neutrality: The Reddit Filter.

Don’t get me wrong net neutrality is needed, I think we deserve a free and open internet and we aren’t going to let Ajit Pai/The FCC take that away from us.

If you’re like me you’ve already contacted your congressperson and have written comments on the FCCs page but that’s really all we can do. I love seeing all the promotion for net neutrality and but at least in the past 24 hours it’s gone a bit overboard on reddit.

I went about 20 pages deep on /r/all and still just about every other post was about net neutrality.

For me that’s a bit overboard, I like net neutrality as much as the next person but I also enjoy browsing reddit in my free time and this makes it almost impossible to enjoy. So I decided to look into what I can do to filter out most if not all of those posts.

If you didn’t know there’s a handy little Chrome and Firefox plugin out there called RES which stands for Reddit Enhancement Suite. RES allows you to create filters on reddit, anywhere from your own custom filters to pre-built ones they have. I have the options for my filter below. Doing this helped make reddit a bit more enjoyable for the day until these posts pass over, just remember to disable the filter once you believe its finished.


  1. Go to RES Settings > Subreddits > filteReddit
  2. Turn on “Use Reddit Filters”

3. Set custom filters

4. Click “Save Options” in the top right and check out

Web Server Migration

Hey everybody,

We’re currently in the process of migrating to a new web server so you may notice some interruptions on the site. For the past year we’ve been hosted on DigitalOcean infrastructure but I’ve moved us over to Amazon Web Services. As traffic increases we’ll be expanding our AWS infrastructure to involve more services such as Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS, possible web server redundancy, etc. I plan on posting on here a lot more to not only help myself and document what I do but also if anyone needs it in the future. Expect more updates as the months come!

Thanks for tuning in.


About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m your host mxitup2, this is just a place of technical ramblings and jargon. All of this started way back in the year of 2004 when was purchased by my father to be used as a personal blog with the tagline “It’s my net..not yours!”.  Today it’s served as a place for me to post all about my technical journey.

I currently work for an MSP in Wisconsin as a Network Engineer and I couldn’t ask for better. A lot say the MSP life is a stressful one, that it is but it’s a good one. You get to touch all different sorts of industries and technologies that you’re well versed all around. Just because my title is Network Engineer doesn’t mean that’s the only thing I do. I also do a lot of design, configuration and implementation for virtualized environments, network security, and windows/linux servers. As I like to describe myself “Jack of all trades, master of none”, it’s true.

On here you’ll find a lot of information about a few topics in the IT field; Networking, Virtualization, NetSec, and Servers. These 4 topics are what I’ll be talking about the most. The Networking and Virtualization categories may be limited to Cisco/FortiGate/pfSense/Ubiquiti/VMWare information as those are the things I deal with daily and run personally at home.

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